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 Tutorial: First Webpage

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PostSubject: Tutorial: First Webpage   Sat Jun 14, 2008 9:48 pm

The source code


<!-- First Webpage in HTML -->
<title>Hello World!</title>
<h2>Hello World!</h2>
<p>This is a webpage!</p>

What does it all mean?

HTML works around things called tags. These start with <tagname> and end with </tagname>. The ones used in this example are:

<html> - Indicates that what follows is HTML code
<title> - Appears as the page title
<body> - The main body of the webpage
<h2> - Creates a heading, bigger than normal text
<hr> - Draw a horizontal rule
<p> - New paragraph

Also note the way comments are formed, in the second line. These do not appear on the page.

How do I view the page?

Easy. Open up notepad, enter the code, and save as 'webpage.htm'. There are special HTML editing programs, but notepad will do for now!
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Tutorial: First Webpage
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